Project information:

The project consists of a masterplan to a community park with structural elements which accommodate wellness and mentalhealth focused activities. The main structural element will contain the public events such as a General Practice Clinic (GP), a Wellness Centre and a headquarters office to the Mind. Charity. Remaining elements will support domestic spaces for community members in need.

Mind Park has been designed to support the local community and nearby residents by providing natural habitats and a sense of city-retreat atmosphere. The “Olympics Impact” in the borough of Tower Hamlets has led to a vast development improvement and consideration to health, fitness and well-being. The proposed site offers elements to follow the borough’s Action Plan and enhance the public awareness towards mental-health. The infrastructure follows the Action Plan accordingly with a forward-thinking composition and respective materiality, the brick facade applied was in consideration to the historic background of the site and the contextual environment, as a conservation area is being held just south to the site.